fly hair bead collections
pink, brown, and gold hair beads
fly hair bead collections
pink, brown, and gold hair beads


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Bold pinks and brown hair beads that will have your crown poppin’ out the crowd.


Bead Count: 78 pieces 

Bead Variations: 9

Bead Hole Sizes: 4mm- 9mm


Please note: The character of wooden beads vary from bead to bead. Not all holes will be buffed/smooth as other bead materials. 

Wooden Hair Beads
Scissors (narrow blades)

1. Fully extend scissors open

2. Insert blade into bead hole just before the point of snugness

3. Rotate bead so that blade scrapes the inner hole repeating until desired smoothness is reached

4. Flip bead and repeat for the other side

5. Dust debris from bead



  • Avoid water

    When wearing painted or metal hair beads, water (especially with chlorine) can alter the finish. Woods can fade, and metals can tarnish.


    • Comfort Matters

    Hair beads should be comfortable to wear. Wear proportions to your strands. If tension occurs, wear less beads!


    • Moisturize

    I know. I know. I just said to avoid water, but hair care does out weigh bead care.

    With that, adding moisture to your natural hair cuticles will lessen the friction when wearing wooden hair beads.

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