What Size Hair Beads Do I Need?

Clueless  about which hair beads will fit your style?

Truthfully, it can be as simple as, first identifying, what a single bead hole measures.

Here I will show you hair bead styles, and identify the bead hole size used. 


Have you concluded that your style can accommodate various sizes of hair beads? Well, I bet you’re right. If you’re wearing your hair beads on the tips, then there’s a good chance you can wear the majority of the sizes above. See, it’s important to note, generally, the tips of braids/twists are thinner than the overall braid/twist itself. This means it’s possible for a small bead (4mm) to fit on large braids, if the tips of the large braids are thinner.

The images below show an example of how a range of bead hole sizes can be worn in a single style. 

So I’m thinking it may be safer to ask, “what hair beads can’t I wear?”.


  • Sharyn

    I agree! Depends on your mood really. The question I have is what’s appropriate let’s say for a 2 year old? Should we go bigger or smaller? They can pull them out so fast! Not to mention they put them in their mouth

  • Julie

    Thank you so much for your post. It has made my day as I was contemplating how to go about finding the right size beads for my braids.

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